Work Days

Work-DayOur next work day is Saturday May 17th and we have a number of exciting projects planned.  Check out the list below and let us know what you would like to help with.

  • New Backstop
    • Posts will be set, they will need to be tied togther with 2×4’s and the chain link fence attached
  • Painting in the Chapel
    • Touching up the ceiling and prepping one of the cement walls for a second coat
  • Outdoor Painting
    • Three areas using a sprayer and maybe some picnic tables too
  • Install Laminate flooring in Trailer
    • Kitchen Floor and some transition
  • Firewood
    • Cuttin’ and Splittin’
  • Soccer Goals / Archery Stands
    • Attach 2×4’s to the bottoms and lag bolts to hold on wheels
  • Improve S’more area
    • Make some new benches and rebuild fire pit
  • Bathhouse plumbing
    • working with CPVC
  • Clear Brush around the Pond
  • Build Staircase outside Damascus
  • Repair Fire Escape
  • Install Exhaust Fans in Bathrooms (2)
  • Install Lightbar in Emmaus Bathroom
  • Metal Recycling
  • There’s always more to do, if you have specific skills please contact the camp to see how they can be put to use to improve our program and facilities.






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