Register for December Youth Retreat

Cortland Bible Camp has offered summer camps for children and year-round retreats for 49 years.  Days at camp are filled with fun activities, fun new friends, and sweet fellowship.

We are gearing up for a great summer as we prepare to ENGAGE our world with the Good News that the creator sent His Son to ENGAGE with us as we come to Know Christ, and make Him known!   We are preparing staff and new activities including an “Camp King Of the Hill”.   If you are interested in learning more about summer camp programs at Cortland Bible Camp, call or email.

  In addition to the ministry that takes place on campus, we are available to encourage and equip members of your fellow through teacher training.  Taking a look at how Jesus taught in His earthly ministry, we will take you through “In Step With the Master Teacher”  A curriculum that hones in on the teacher, the student, the lesson and the program.

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